👋 Hello, I’m Diego Bogotá an UX/UI product and motion graphics designer.


I help companies shape their digital experiences – websites & apps – from early stages such as product discovery to late stages such as testing prototypes with users.

I was born in Colombia, but I live in Argentina since 2009.

Latest works

Inspired by curiosity

What I love about design is that you can design everything.
From an interface to a process or even a public law. When it is used for good with aesthetics in mind and helps humanity to be better, that’s real magic to me.

I am a designer, but not in the traditional sense.

I studied fine arts and I was in love with sculpture, 3D objects and digital art, but the music, always captured my attention, so I moved and studied sound production which led me to motion graphics design and from here my passion for Visual Design become passional and bum! I was inmerce in the design Industry.

This is how my UX/UI carrier path began 6 years ago.

My career began in a film production company doing motion graphics for advertising. Then I was hired by an advertising agency to design and deliver motion graphics and animated banners, this led me to design landing pages and email marketing campaigns. From here, my curiosity pushed me ahead and led me to see how digital products are made and how cross functional teams resolved human problems.


Diploma in User Experience's Design

UFLO University of Flores
Argentina 2022

UX/UI Design Career

Acámica (Now DigitalHouse)
Argentina 2018 -2019

Workshop in UX Content

Shiftseven & MercadoLibre UX team
Argentina 2018

Web Design w/HTML5 & CSS3

Blissout / UC University of Congreso
Argentina 2016

Bachelor’s Degree in Films

National University of Río Negro
Argentina 2013 -2015

Motion Graphics in After Effects

Argentina 2015

Sound Production for Film & TV

Tamaba Community College
Argentina 2011 – 2011

Degree in Fine Arts

National University of Colombia
Colombia 2007 – 2009

I’m open to work and collaborate with teams, studios and agencies. Feel free to drop me a line to say hello or discuss some project hello@diegobgoota.com