Motion Graphics

2D Animations for video and digital products.

Andesmar Cargo

Animated stories to tell customer new services and tips.


Andesmar Cargo is one of the most important company of logistics and terrestrial passengers in Argentina. They wanted to connect with young audiences through social media channels. The stories must be on differents channels like Youtube, Facebook and IG sotries.


Santa Julia wines – Tintillo

Motion graphics over product film that enhance the content.

The video was filmed by a local production company and they needed add something to enhance the video. I animated the brand, the wine process and the lines that follow some shapes on the video.


Santa Julia wines – Tinto Dulce

Motion graphics to enhance videos for brand and social media.

Tinto Dulce (Sweet Red Wine) is a Entry-level wine. Santa Julia needed a quick responde; so, I create simples animations from a render of the bottle and the label elements.


Descendiente Wines 

HTML5 animations for google ads campains.

Google ads just allow banners under 150kb, that’s the reason why I choose Google web designer to create animated banners for Adwords and DoubleClick. Descendiente Wines required 5 formats for each product.


Susana Balbo Wines

Videos for stands and social media.