INPASS Wellness, Digital tools for a weight loss program.

INPASS Wellness is a company that proposes a customized weight loss program. Where a group of professionals (clinical doctor, nutritionist, psychologist, a therapeutic companion and physical education teacher) continuously accompany people to change their daily habits so that they can achieve an ideal weight that is maintained over time.

Inpass Bienestar, Kaleida Digital, Diego Bogotá
Desktop and mobile screens


The INPASS program was fully designed to be a personalized program in person. This was complicated by the arrival of the pandemic and especially by the lockdown.


INPASS initially attempted to adapt to the shift towards online modality, but their first attempt resulted in chaos and institutional disorganization due to the use of various applications and digital tools to control different aspects of the program. As a result, INPASS approached Kaleida* (where I worked as UX/UI and Motion Designer until mid 2023) to unify all of its tasks within a single digital tool, while still maintaining the personalized and professional treatment between patients and healthcare professionals that is essential for the success of the program.


  • Centralize all channels in one tool for the company.
  • The personalized treatment must be reflected in the Digital tool.


For the App

  • Overweight people and people with obesity type I, II, III and IV.
  • They are mostly Women, but the program is open to the entire population.
  • Persons aged between 20 and 60.

For the WebApp

  • Most users of the web app are health professionals, their knowledge in digital tools is limited, so you need a single tool that facilitates the monitoring of patients. 
  • Persons aged 25 to 60.

Design Process

At Kaleida* we used design thinking methodologies to understand and deliver the project.

In order to properly understand the needs of users, extensive interviews were conducted with INPASS staff and participants. The results of these interviews revealed that the current system was being handled manually using Excel spreadsheets, which caused a huge waste of time when having to review several different templates to get information related to patient management and progress. 

In addition, patients recorded their daily habits on paper and pencil, which did not guarantee 100% reliability. 

In conclusion, the need for a centralized tool to improve the efficiency and reliability of the system became evident.

In order to improve the patient experience and make staff management easier, a comprehensive system has been developed consisting of two tools:

a mobile application and a web platform.

The INPASS mobile application is designed so that patients can track their habits and progress in real time, attend virtual workshops and be able to view informational material in image, video, stories and articles; while the web platform is intended for the use of staff, allowing them to access a variety of functions, such as tracking habits, their progress, medical records, and payment information, Additional to this is a built-in CMS that helps them keep content information up to date. This platform is also designed to adapt to the various functions and roles of each team member.

Inpass Bienestar products, Kaleida Digital, Diego Bogotá
A Couple of screen from the MVP; Mobile App for Patient, WebApp for Staff.

We made a desk research where the goal was to discover :

  • How patients can easily track their habits.
  • How to organize INPASS staff so that different profiles can be aligned with the progress of a particular patient.
  • Understand the treatment and communication between the therapeutic companion and the patient.

My role

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Motion Graphics



Inpass Bienestar, Kaleida Digital, Diego Bogotá
Several Flows was made, each one was tested and interated until we get the better version of it.
Wireframes Inpass Bienestar, Kaleida Digital, Diego Bogotá
Some fast wireframes  of the staff webapp, made in Invision Freehand
Wireframes Inpass Bienestar, Kaleida Digital, Diego Bogotá
Lo-Fi prototype of the Patient’s app, use for testing task flows.
Wireframes Inpass Bienestar, Kaleida Digital, Diego Bogotá
Connecting interactions insdie the Webapp prototype file in Adobe XD.
Hi-Fi interactive Prototype made with Adobe XD…please try it by your self.
Hi-Fi interactive Prototype made with Adobe XD…please try it by your self.
Patient app and the flow to track habits.
the WebApp is in constant evolution and now has a version 2.0

Final thoughts

The implementation of digital tools, such as the Kaleida INPASS, allows the automation of various administrative tasks, such as payment reminders, medical shift selection, digitization of patient records and a content management system (CMS) to create classrooms and provide live or recorded classes.

This has had a significant impact on the business, since before the implementation, the number of registered people was approximately 1000, mainly from the province of Mendoza in Argentina. However, after development, the list has become scalable throughout Latin America and it is estimated that by mid-2023, it will reach 60,000 people.

Additionally, payment platforms were integrated to process payments from different countries, not just from Argentina.

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